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Spanish Revival Iron Work: window grills, decorative iron, antique iron gates

Antique Garden Items: fountains, pedestals, urns, birdbaths, statuary

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Spanish Doors

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Antique Furniture

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Spanish Revival Antiques

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Antique and Spanish Revival Lighting: Sconces,Chandeliers etc.


Antique Ceiling Mount

1882. Ceiling Mounted Circular Lantern
1920s Single Panel Interior Door CC
2879. Schoolhouse Ceiling Mount Fixture
3911. Ceiling Mounted Cage Lantern
4350. Larger Iron Ceiling Mount
4672. 1920's Three-light Flush-mount Fixture
4674. Single-light Dog-Head Fixture
4684. Unusual Fixture w/ Green Glass Accent
4699. Cast Iron Ceiling Mount c. 1920's*
4703. Cast Iron Flush-mount Fixture
4720. Sweet Flush-mount Fixture*
4740. Small Ceiling Mount w/Original Polychrome Finish
4741. Single Light Ceiling Fixture w/Art Glass Shade
4746. 1920's Acanthus Motif Ceiling Mount
4748. Wrought Iron Lantern With Slag Glass
4775. 1920's Floral Ceiling Light
4777. 1920's-30's Ceiling Fixture
5049. 1 Of 2 Ceiling Mount Fixtures
5145. Lovely Polychrome Ceiling Mount
5344. Elegant 1920's Ceiling Mount
5367. Three Light Ceiling Mount*
5624. 1 Of 3 1920's Ceiling Mount
5787. 1930's Ceiling Mount
5788. Ceiling Mount With Original Fitter
5798. Polychrome Ceiling Mount
5818. 1920's Ceiling Mount
5836. 1 Of 4 Ceiling Mounts
5900. 1 Of 6 Ceiling Mounts With Spanish Clovers
6193. Antique Ceiling Mount With White Globe
6197. 1920's Milk Glass Globe Ceiling Fixture
6199. Deco Ceiling Mount With Star Motif
6200. 1920's Polychrome Ceiling Mount
6202. 1920's Ceiling Mount Fixture
6275. Art Deco Ceiling Mount

Antique Chandeliers

1989. Elegant Painted 1920's Chandelier With Flowers
2419. 1920's Five Light Chandelier With Spanish Clover
3918. Brass Chandelier With Shield Motif.
5408. 1929 Wrought Iron Pendant
6486. Remarkable Large Iron Pendant
010. 3-light Mediterranean Chandelier circa 1920's
0140. 1920s 5-light Polychrome Spanish Revival Chandelier
0159. Spanish Revival Wrought Iron Chandelier
0255. Small Two-Light Pendant. Circa 1920's
0262. Hand Wrought Iron Spanish Revival Chandelier
0279. Small Iron Chandelier
0287. Spanish Revival Two Light Fixture
0665. Huge Brass Pendant Fixture w/ Glass Globe
0722. 1920's Cast Iron Polychrome Chandelier
0955. Spanish Revival Chandelier
0957. Large Arts and Crafts Pendant (0958)
0959. Spanish Revival 4-Light Chandelier
0960. Spanish Revival hall pendant
1074. Elegant 6 Light Italian Wooden Chandelier
1101. Spanish Revival Chandelier
1149. Small Single Light Pendant
1157. Lantern
1373. 1920's Pendant
1577. 5 Light Wrought Iron Chandelier
1578. 5 Light Wrought Iron Chandelier
1622. Very Tall Lantern 49.5 inch tall !!!
1679. 1 of 2 Large Pendants With Amber Glass
1806. Elegant Brass Chandelier
1815. Spanish Revival Chandelier With 5 Lights
1977. Large Turn Of the Century Chandelier With Monks Face
1978. Small 3-Light Spanish Revival Chandelier
1982. 1920's Chandelier With Down Lights
1984. 1920's Cast Metal Chandelier
1990. Shallow Wrought Iron Chandelier
1993. Brass Chandelier with Crest Motif
2005. Original Spanish Revival Chandelier
2010. Wrought Iron Chandelier With Spanish Clover
2137. Arts And Crafts Double Pendant (2138)
2207. 5-Light Iron Chandelier w/Shields
2212. Wrought Iron Chandelier With Crests
2220. Wrought Iron Ceiling Mount
2347. Five Light Chandelier/ Wrought Iron and Brass
2457. Elegant Spanish Revival Chandelier
2499. 5-Light Spanish Revival Downlight Chandelier
2704. Brass Chandelier With Glass Shades
2718. 1920's 5-light Chandelier
2719. Large Iron Chandelier w/ Ornate Scrollwork
2784. 1920 Chandelier With Original Glass Shade
2967. Large Iron Pendant, 1920's
3179. 1920's Copper Lantern With Mica
3198. Cast and Hammered Chandelier w/ Pendant Lights
3289. Polychrome Pendant
3311. Small 2-Light Chandelier w/Down Lights
3371. Two 1920's Polychrome 5-Light Chandelier
3468. Small 2-Light Pendant, c. 1920's
3470. 1920's Cage style Chandelier
3473. 1920's Polychrome Chandelier
3488. Unusual Narrow 1920's Iron Chandelier
3498. Cast 5-light Chandelier w/ Tassels
3505. Charming Chandelier w/ Polychrome Finish
3516. Small Filigree Pendant c. 1920's
3519. Polychrome Chandelier
3598. 1920's Polychrome 5-Light Chandelier
3653. Petite Single Light Pendant, c. 1920's
3678. Mexican Scrollwork Lantern
3691. Small 1920's Single Light Pendant
3699. Moorish-Style Iron Lantern Pendant
3735. Whimsical Scrollwork Lantern
3759. Long Stained Glass Pendant
3764. 1 Of 2 Three Light Pendant
3822. Wrought Iron Chandelier With 5 Lights
3823. Wrought Iron Deco Chandelier
3836. Large Caldwell Glass Light Fixture
3851. Simple Wrought Iron Chandelier
3867. Spectacular Large 1920's Pendant
3875. 1920's Three Light Pendant
3913. Cast Brass Polychrome Chandelier w/Shields
3961. Glass And Brass 1920's Pendant
3977. Scroll Pendant
4051. Iron and Stained Glass Pendant
4145. Charming Monterey-Style Chandelier
4184. Great Six-light Wrought Iron Chandelier
4227. Five-light Chandelier w/ Hammered Texture
4297. Wrought Iron and Brass Chandelier
4301. 1 Of 2 Large Brass Chandelier
4382. Wrought Iron Flower Basket Chandelier
4411. Large Simple Wrought Iron Chandelier
4426. Small-scale Charming Lantern
4503. '20's Fixture w/ Original Mica Shade
4511. Large Tudor Style Pendant
4558. 1920's Pendant
4660. 5-light Cast 1920's Fixture
4664. 1 of 3 Incredible Moorish Lanterns c. 1880's/Small
4665. Incredible Moorish Lantern c. 1880's /Medium
4677. Circa 1920's Bronze Chandelier
4711. Three Light Wrought Iron Chandelier
4791. Adorable Wrought Iron Lantern
4803. 1 Of 4 Brass Pendant With Slag Glass
4805. Simple Arts And Crafts Pendant
4840. Deco Two Tones Pendant
4841. Deco Milk Glass Pendant
4858. (1of 4) Large Scale Wrought iron Pendants
5021. 1920's Brass and Cast Iron Chandelier
5036. Delicate Brass Chandelier w/Floral Motif
5055. Eight Light Brass Chandelier
5056. Six Light Wrought Iron Chandelier
5067. Whimsical Wrought Iron Scrollwork Lantern
5077. Six-Light Chandelier with Delicate Filigree
5078. Six Brass Light Chandelier
5079. Large Four Feet Tall Pendant
5120. Original Copper & Glass Pendant Lantern
5125. Beautiful Murano Venetian Glass Chandelier
5131. Classic 1920's Pendant With Textured Glass
5154. 1920's Pendant With Fluted Top
5156. Six Light Hand Carved Italian Chandelier*
5162. Classic Five Light Spanish Revival Chandelier
5166. Lovely 1920's Pendant
5170. Hammered Copper Pendant
5206. Antique Milk Glass Pendant
5209. Wrought Iron Polychrome Chandelier
5219. Original 1920's Small Pendant
5228. 1 of 2 Single Light Fixtures w/ Crest/Shield Motif
5234. Two-light Fixture c. 1920's
5235. 1920's Three-light Pendant Fixture
5242. 1920's Pendant With Original Glass
5268. Bronze Polychrome Chandelier
5294. Classic Wrought Iron Lantern
5332. 1920's Chandelier with Amber Mica
5333. Classic Spanish Revival Large Wrought Iron Pendant
5341. Wrought Iron chandelier
5342. Adorable 1920's Wrought Iron Chandelier
5349. Scrolled Pendant With Mica
5353. Five Light Chandelier Circa 1920's
5355. Polychrome 1920's Pendant
5357. Elegant Single Light Pendant
5360. Original Egyptian Revival Chandelier
5362. 1920's Deco Pendant
5365. Exquisite Copper Pendant
5369. Three Light 1920's Pendant
5383. 1930's Brass and Crystal Chandelier
5412. Iron and Glass Pendant
5414. Cast Iron & Brass 1920's Chandelier
5423. Simple Spanish Revival Chandelier
5428. Spanish Revival Pendant With Single Candle
5429. Lovely Polychrome Pendant
5461. Charming Moorish Pendant
5551. 1930's Exterior Pendant with Mica
5559. 1 of 6 Polychrome Pendant Lights
5583. 1 OF 2 Spanish Revival Scroll Fixtures
5623. Beautiful Original Pendant With Mica
5630. Grand and Impressive Iron Pendant
5652. Dramatic Ornate Brass Chandelier
5669. Spanish Revival Polychrome chandelier
5692. Spanish Revival Pendant
5693. 1 of 2 Classic Spanish Revival Chandeliers
5696. Spanish Revival Chandelier with Shield/Crest Motif
5760. Polychrome Chandelier
5765. 3-light Chandelier with Original Shades
5775. 1 of 3 Gorgeous 1920's Pendants
5777. Rustic 1920's Pendant
5778. Turn Of The Century Hammered Pendant
5780. Fantastic Two-light Fixture with Iron and Milk Glass Pendants*
5817. Tudor Lantern
5840. Hand Hammered Iron Pendant, c. 1920's
5845. Classic 1930's Milk Glass Pendant Light
5865. Impressive 12 Candle Brass and Bronze Chandelier
5918. 1920'S 5-light Iron Chandelier
5919. Wonderful Rancho Style Chandelier
5931. Mica Pendant
5938. Four Light Small Scale Chandelier*
5947. Simple Spanish Revival Pendant*
5948. Lovely Pendant Circa 1920's
5953. Whimsical Blown Glass & Iron Pendant
5992. Extremely Good Spanish Revival Pendant
6017. Industrial Brass Pendant
6019. 1 Of 2 Large Moorish Pendant
6103. Star Pendant
6110. Small Scale Italian Lantern
6142. Lovely Moorish Style Pendant
6144. Turn Of The Century Transitional Chandelier
6148. Large Moorish Pendant
6203. Unusual 1920's Pendant Lantern w/ Wooden Tassel
6217. 1 Of 6 Large Wrought Iron Pendant
6228. 1 Of 4 Grand Scale Bell Cie Chandelier
6274. Industrial Glass Pendant
6276. Pair Of Chandeliers
6297. A Very Early Californian Pendant*
6314. 1 Of 2 1920's Glass Pendant
6327. Hammered Copper Pendant
6333. Art Deco Chandelier With Slip Glass Shades
6335. Charming Copper Pendant
6338. 1920's Milk Glass Pendant
6341. Whimsical Iron Pendant
6431. Monterey Period Chandelier
6442. Spanish Revival Chandelier
6443. Spanish Revival Pendant With Scrolls
6444. 1920's Five Light Chandelier
6460. Five Light Spanish Revival Chandelier
6461. Simple Wrought Iron Chandelier
6481. Large Monterey Style Chandelier
6483. Large Turn Of The Century Transitional Chandelier
6494. Lovely 1920's pendant.
6495. Small Scale 1920's Polychrome Chandelier
6496. 1920's Polychrome Chandelier
6510. All Original Spanish Revival Chandelier
6518. Colonial Style Chandelier
6525. 1 Of 2 Glass Pendants
6533. 1920's Spanish Revival Pendant
6534. Lovely Simple Spanish Revival Pendant
6564. 1920s Spanish Revival Chandelier With Mica Light
6571. 1 0f 2 Striking Large Scale Spanish Revival 7 Light Chandelier
6584. Pair of Matching 1920's Chandeliers
6600. Moorish Filigree Pendant
6601. Lovely Small Scale Spanish Revival Chandelier With Mica
6602. Morovian Capiz Star
6623. Small Scale Chandelier With Mica Band
6625. Small Scale chandelier
HOLD MP 0252. Spanish Revival Iron Chandelier circa 1920's
HOLD MP 2451. 1920's Simple Gilded Chandelier
HOLD MP 5553. Wrought Iron Scrolled Chandelier
HOLD MP 5616. Wrought Iron Large Scale Chandelier

Antique Floor Lamps

0088. 1920's Floor Lamp with Original Mica Shade
0405. 1920's Floor Lamp with Mica Shade.
1161. Antique Mica and Iron Floor Lamp
2412. Wonderful Iron Floor Lamp w/ Tiled Base
2877. Bridge Lamp w/ Original Paper Shade
3673. Adjustable Bridge Lamp w/ Original Shade
3809. 1920's Floor Lamp w/ Mica Shade
4030. Exceptional Pair of Floor Lamps with Leather Shades
4565. Double-light Wrought Iron Torchiere
4617. 1920's Double-light Torchiere
4668. 1920's Floor Lamp w/ Metal Mesh Shade
4738. 1920's Hand-Wrought Iron Floor Lamp
4845. Floor Lamp With Ashtray Att. To Oscar Bach
5007. 1920's Floor Lamp w/ Original Paper Shade
5008. Spanish Revival Floor Lamp w/Original Mica Shade.
5263. 1920's Floor Lamp w/ Original Shade
5307. Monterey Floor Lamp
5309. Pair of Spectacular Filigree Torchieres
5314. 1920's Bridge Lamp With Mica Shade and Mesh Shade
5315. Elegant 1920's Torchiere
5319. Wrought Iron Floor Lamp w/ Original Shade
5320. Impressive Wrought Iron Floor Lamp With Original Mica Shade
5324. 1920's Brass Bridge Lamp
5329. 1920's Standing Lamp With Original Slag Glass
5330. Wrought Iron Lamp With Capiz Lampshade
5441. Carved Walnut Side Table With Veined Marble
5509. Lovely 1920's Floor Lamp With Metal Mesh Shade
5516. Beautiful 1920's Mica Bridge Lamp
5525. Pair Of Spanish Revival Wrought Iron Torchieres
5538. c. 1920's Iron Lamp with Original Shade
5639. Pair Wrought Iron Floor Lamps
5889. Tall 1920's Wrought Iron Torchiere
5928. Spanish Revival Standing Lamp
5929. Floor Light With Original Finish
5963. Bridge lamp with sea dragons and parrots
5995. Monterey Period Lamp
6054. Spanish Revival Floor Lamp With Mica Shade
6104. Tall Rancho Outsider Art Floor Lamp
6105. Rancho Outsider Art Floor Lamp
6106. Great Folk Art Floor Lamp
6124. 1920's Bridge Floor Lamp With Adjustable Shade
6125. Wrought Iron Bridge Lamp With Amber Mica Shade
6126. Galleon Motif Bridge Lamp
6132. Stylish 1920's Floor Lamp With Deer Motif
6133. Elegant 1920's Bridge lamp
6145. 1920's Floor Lamp With New Mica Shade
6185. 1920's Wrought Iron Floor Lamp
6190. 1920's Single Mica Torchiere
6485. Outstanding Wrought Iron Floor Lamp
6498. Mica Bridge Lamp
6528. 1920's Floor Lamp With Metal Mesh Shade
SOLD 4635. Elegant 1920's Floor Lamp
SOLD MB 5377. 1920's Mica Lamp

Antique Outdoor Lighting

0411. Wrought Iron Lantern on Scrolled Bracket-3 available
0812. Original 1920's Wall-Mount Lantern/20.5
1247. Simple Wrought Iron Exterior Fixture
1331. 4 Large Wood and Tin Exterior Wall Lanterns
1657. Large Exterior Pendant w/Mica
2934. Small Copper Exterior Lantern
3142. Elegant Outdoor Wall Lantern
3496. Verdigris Pendant Lantern
3834. Ceiling Mounted Pendant w/ Leaded Glass
4064. Outdoor lantern
4132. Pair Of Iron And Wood Exterior Fixtures
4594. Wrought Iron Exterior With Slag Glass
4649. 1920's Exterior Ceiling Mount
4732. Ornate Cast Iron Italianate Lantern
4757. 1 Of 3 1930's Exterior Wall Mounted Fixture
4758. 1920's Outdoor Lighting
4811. Pagoda Shaped Exterior Lantern
4944. Great Iron & Mica Pendant
5239. Fantastic Exterior Lantern
5883. Cottage Style Lantern
5972. Brass 1920's Lantern
6329. Exterior Wall Lantern
6330. Outdoor Ceiling Mount Lantern
6449. Handsome Large Scale Outdoor Fixture By The Bell Cie
6524. Pair Of 1920's Classic Exterior Lantern
6570. 1920s Archer Motif Exterior Wall Lantern

Antique Sconces

0032.1 of 3 1930's sconces
2759. Three Simple Sconces c. 1920's-'30's
4195. Larger Scale Spanish Galleon Sconces
6324. Pair Of 18th Century Sconces
0065. Pair of 1920's Sconces
0075. Single-Light Iron Sconce
0547. Pair of Antique Single Light Sconces
1 of 3 2489. One of Three Bronze 1920's Sconces
1353. Hammered Brass Sconces
1365. 3-Light Mirrored Sconce
1381. Large 4 light 1920's Sconce
1476. Brass Sconces with Single Light ( 4 available)
1477. Pair of Brass Double Sconces
1508. Single Brass Sconce
1511. Large Double Sconce
1527. Pair of Small Gold Sconces
1547. 1920's Polychrome Sconces 1-6
1557. 1 0f 3 Wall Sconces
1571. One 1920's Double Sconce
1598. 1920's Spanish Revival Sconce
1631. 1 of 8 1920's Spanish Revival Sconces
1798. Double Sconce
1799. 1 0f 3 Single Sconces
1800. Spanish Revival Double Sconce
1837. Pair of Wrought Iron Sconces With Etched Ship Detail
1840. Pair of Wrought Iron Sconces With Glass Shades
1846. Pair 1920's Single-light Sconce
1886. Single Spanish Revival Sconce- One Avail.
1891. Pair Of Single Griffin Sconces
1892. 1 of 3 Single Sconces
1893. Pair of Silver Color Sconces
1894. Pair of Bronze Sconces
1895. Pair Of Wrought And Cast Iron Sconces
1972. Pair Of 1920's Single Polychrome Sconces
1974. Pair of Original Sconces
1976. 1 of 2 Bronze Polychrome Sconces
2046. Pair 1920's Brass Sconces
2059. Pair Unique 1920's Sconces w/ Brass Accents
2060. Pair Cast Sconces with Crown Details
2064. Pair Single Spanish Revival Sconce
2069. Pair of Single Brass Sconces
2070. Pair of Double Brass Sconces
2110. Single Iron Spanish Revival Sconce
2173. Single Spanish Revival Sconce
2174. 1 of 3 Single 1920's Sconces
2177. Pair of Single 1920's Sconces
2178. Pair Of Original Single 1920's Sconces
2179. 1 of 3 Art Deco Sconces
2181. Pair Of Cast Iron Sconces
2229. Pair of Double Sconces Circa 1920's
2233. Pair of Polychrome Sconces
2246. 1 of 2, 1920s Double Sconce w/Ship Motif
2254. 1 of 2 Wrought Iron Sconces With Brass Details
2273.Pair Vintage Chrome Sconces w/ Glass Shades
2474. 1 of 3 1920's Spanish Revival Sconces
2475. Pair of Polychrome Single Light Sconces, c. 1920's
2485. Single Polychrome Sconce
2488. Pair Of Cast Sconces
2505. Triple Wrought Iron Sconce
2649. Pair of Art Deco Sconces
2650. Pair of 1920's Modern Sconces
2662. One Spanish Revival Double Sconce
2663. Pair of 1920's Brass Sconces
2935. Pair 1920's Cast Iron Sconces
2936. 1of 4 1920's Cast Iron Sconces
2994. Three Light Sconce
3192. 1 Of 5 Iron & Crystal Sconces
3223. Single 1920's Cast Sconce
3275. Pair of 1920's Galleon Ship Sconces
3281. 1 Of 3 Brass and Iron Sconce
3284. 1 Of 8 Double Polychromed Sconces
3290. Sconce With Grape Motif
3291. Elongated Sconce With Grape Motif
3292. 1 Of 6 Antique Polychrome Sconces
3298. Pair 1920's Spanish Colonial Sconces
3343. Pair Egyptian Revival/Deco Sconces
3347. 1 of 2 Art Deco Sconces
3481. Three Matching Sconces of Iron & Brass
3548. Pair 1920's Single Light Sconces
3553. 7 of 10 Matching 1920's Sconces
3562. Pair Single-light Sconces c. 1920's
3563. Pair Cast Single-light Sconces w/ Hammered Look
3565. Pair Sconces c. 1920's
3573. Pair of 1920's Single Light Sconces
3581. Pair Cast Single Sconces w/ Crests
3583. Pair Cast Sconces with Crest at Backplate
3594. Pair of Elegant 1920's Sconces
3595. Single 1920's Sconce
3603. 1920's Polychrome 2-Light Sconce
3608. 1 Of 4 Polychrome Spanish Revival Sconces
3663. Single 1920's Sconce
3664. Pair of 1920's Polychrome Sconces
3687. 1920's Tropical Palm Tree Sconce
3695. Pair of 1920's Spanish Revival Sconces
3697. 1920's Cast, Single Light Sconce, 1 of 3
3707. Pair of 1920's Polychrome Sconces
3708. Pair of 1920's Single Light Sconces
3744. Pair Iron and Copper Sconces
3865. Pair Of Impressive 1920's Sconces
3917. Pair of Cast Brass Sconces w/Galleons
3964. Pair of Single Sconces
3993. Elegantly Styled 1920's-1930's Gold Sconces
4023. 1 Of 3 Single 1920's Sconces
4183. 1920's Polychrome Double Sconces
4194. 1920's Double Sconce w/Polychrome Details
4242. Pair Of 1920's Sconces
4242. Pair Of Beautiful One Arm Sconces
4243. Adorable Cat Sconce
4244. Adorable Dog Sconce
4245. Adorable Sheep Sconce
4246. Pair Of Sconces
4264. Pair of Shield Motif Sconces
4269. Cast Iron Double Sconce
4277 Wrought Iron Single Sconce
4295. Pair Of Brass 1920's Sconces
4296. Pair Of Brass Sconces With Lion and Unicorn Motif
4299. Sconce With Thistle Motif
4313. Narrow Bronze Sconces
4361. Gothic c.1920's Pair of Sconces
4365. Pair of 1920's Cast Bronze and Brass Sconces
4373. Pair of 1930's Diamond Shaped Sconces
4375. Pair Simple Double Sconces with Scalloped Edge
4381. Italian Tole Sconce
4410. Pair Of Impressive Large Scale Sconces
4413. Pair of Wrought Iron 1920's Sconces
4414. Pair Of Single Sconces With Acanthus Motif
4415. Pair Of Double Brass Sconces
4417. French Tole Sconces
4584. 1 Of 3 Polychromed Single Sconce
4620. Pair Of 1920's Cast Iron Sconces
4621. Pair of Double Cast Iron Double Sconces
4622. Pair Of Single Cast Iron Sconces
4623. Pair Of Single Polychrome Sconces
4679. 1 Of 2 Double Polychrome Sconces
4687. Pair Of Brass Sconces
4688. Pair Of Single Polychrome Sconces
4689. 1 Of 4 Single Brass Sconces
4691. Pair Of Double Sconces
4697. Sweet Pair of Wall Sconces
4765. Pair Cast Aluminum Double Sconces
4766. 1 of 3 Bronze Single-light Sconces
4770. Pair of 1920's Brass Single Light Sconces
4779. Pair of Cast Iron Double Sconces
4780. Pair of Cast Iron Double Sconces
4781. Pair of Double Brass Sconce
4950. Pair Of Double Deco Sconces
4953. Pair Of Double Crested Sconces
4954. Pair Of Gold Tone Sconces
4956. Pair of Double Sconces With Acorns
4957. Pair Of Single Polychrome Sconces
4960. Pair Of Cast Brass Sconces
4961. Pair Of Single Light Sconces
4963. Pair Of Single Fleur de Lys Motif Sconces
4970. Single Sconce with Ornate Backplate
4973. 1920's Single Sconce
4979. 1 Of 6 1920's Double Sconces
5017. Pair of Cast Iron Single Light Sconces
5018. Pair of 1920's Gold and Red Sconces
5037. Pair of Spanish Revival Sconces
5038. Pair of 1920's Spanish Revival Sconces
5101. 1920S Polychrome Single Sconces
5118. Pair Cast Bronze Sconces w/ Thistle Motif
5144. Pair Of Brass And Copper Sconces
5193. Pair Of Single Sconces With Shield Motif
5312. Pair of Bronze Sconces with Winged Cherubs and Acanthus Motif
5313. Large Pair of : Pair of Mirrored 3-Light Sconces c. 1920's
5317. Dramatic Iron & Mica Three-light Sconce
5338. Pair Of Single Sconces
5374. Pair Of 1920's Sconces
5539. Exquisite Oscar Bach Three-light Sconce
5542. Pair Of Double Spanish Revival Sconces
5547. Hand-forged Iron Double Sconces, c. 1920's
5585. 1 Of Six 1920's Polychrome Sconces
5611. 1 Of 7 Polychrome Sconce
5645. Pair Of 1920's Sconces
5646. Pair Of Polychrome Sconces With Dog Heads
5647. Pair Of Double 1920's Sconces
5657. Pair French-style Sconces w/ Porcelain Roses
5658. Lovely French Floral Sconce
5659. French Sconce with Porcelain Roses
5660. Lovely Gilded French Sconce
5672. 1 Of 2 Polychrome Single Sconces
5677. Pair Of Spanish Revival Sconces
5679. Pair Of Exquisite Wrought Iron Sconces
5685. Pair Single-Light Sconces c. 1920's
5713. Pair Of Imposing Sconces
5764. Pair Single Spanish Revival Sconces
5793. Pair Of Fantastic Glass Sconces
5795. Pair Of Brass Double Sconces
5796. Single Polychrome 1920's Sconce
5797. Polychrome Double Sconce*
5833. 1 Of 6 Spanish Revival Sconces
5834. 1 Of 2 Spanish Revival Double Sconces
5852. 1 Of 4 Brass Double Sconces
5854. Colorful Double Sconce
5855. Colorful Single Sconce
5880. 1 Of 4 Cast Brass Sconces
5881. Pair Of Polychrome Sconces
5887. Pair Of Polychrome Double Sconces
5888. Pair Of Single Polychrome Sconces
5934. All Original Pair Of Double Sconces
5936. 1 of 4 Single Simple Sconces
5937. 1 Of 5 Single Sconces With Hammered Texture
5949. 1 of 4 Exceptional Sconces from Estate of Fred Astaire
5955. Pair of Single Polychrome Sconces
5959. Single 1920's Sconce
5964. Pair Of Double Polychrome Sconces
5965. Classic Pair Of Spanish Revival Double Sconces
5966. 1 Of 4 Monterey Style Sconce
6055. Wrought Iron Pair Of Sconces
6056. Elegant Pair Of Single Light Sconces
6057. 1 Of 3 Single Sconces
6060. Lovely Pair Of 1920's Sconces
6079. 1 Of 6 Single Wrought Iron Sconce
6080. 1 OF 5 Circa 1930's Double Sconces
6122. Pair Of Single Sconces
6166. Nice Monterey Period Sconce*
6173. Pair of Hand-hammered Iron Sconces
6174. 1920's Wrought Iron w/Gold Accents
6175. 1920's Single Light Sconce
6177. 1 of 4 Galleon Sconces, c. 1920's
6178. 1920's Wrought Iron 2-light Sconce
6209. 1 Of 3 Deco Sconces With Glass Shades
6241. Pair Of 1920's Single Sconces
6242. Pair Of Single 1920's Polychrome Sconces With Sea Horse Motif
6243. 1920's Sconces With Seahorse Motif
6244. 1 Of 6 Polychrome Sconces
6246. 1920's Pair Of Monterey Period Sconces
6263. Stately Pair of 1920's Double Sconces
6269. 1 of 2 Double Sconces With Crystal
6277. 1 Of 5 Double Crystal Sconces
6278. 1 Of 5 Deco Slip Shade Sconce
6288. Pair Of 1920's Double Sconces With Star Motif
6289. Pair Of Simple Spanish Revival Sconces
6290. Pair Of Single Sconces With Hammered Texture
6291. Pair Of Single Sconces With Clover Motif
6298. Pair Of Elaborate Large Double Sconce
6305. 1 Of 4 1920's Single Polychrome Sconce
6306. Machine Age Pair Of Double Sconces
6326. 1 Of 3 1920's Sconces With Glass Globe
6349. Pair Of Single Polychrome Sconces
6466. 1 Of 2 Wrought Iron Double Sconces
6476. Pair Of Double Spanish Revival Sconces*
6479. 1 Of 4 1920's Single Light Sconces Monterey Period
6500. Pair Of Single Spanish Revival Sconces
6586. 1 Of 3 1920's Brass Sconce
6587. 1920's Spanish Revival Double Sconce
6588. Pair Of 1930's Double Scocnes
6589. Pair Of Wrought Iron Single Sconces
HOLD MP 5200. 1 Of 4 1920's Sconces

Antique Table Lamps

0440. Pair of 1920's Console Lamps
1945. Table Lamp With Paper Shade
3418. Bradley and Hubbard Table Lamp
3856. 1920's Table Lamp w/ Mica Shade
3931. Early 20th Century Art Nouveau Jeweled Brass Table Lamp
4216. 1920's Table Lamp
4500. Incredible WireCraft Table Lamp
4934. Whimsical Accent Light
5172. Great Cabin/Lodge Table Lamp w/Deer Legs and Handpainted Shade
5323. 1920's Table Lamp Candelabra
5487. 1920's Mica Lamp
5996. Tall Spanish Revival Table Lamp
6033. 1920's Stained Glass Lamp
6044. Pair Of Finely Casted Brass Lamps
6076. Tall Pair of Glass Lamp With Burlap Shades
6113. 1920's Three Light Table Lamp
6130. Early Japanese Lamp With 1920's Lamp Shade
6131. Tall 1920s Carved Wood Table Lamp
6136. 1920's Table Lamp With New Mica Shade
6146. Table Lamp With Metal Mesh Shade
6152. Quaint Iron Table Lamp
6223. Vintage 1930's Glass Table Lamp
6334. 1920's Table Lamp With Abalone Shade
6418. Pair Of Original 1920's Mica Side Lamps*
6462. 1930's Monterey Period Table Lamp
6463. 1930's Monterey Period Wood Table Lamp
6464. 1930s Pair Of Monterey Period Copper Shade Table Lamps
6574. Pair Of Polychrome 1920's Table lamps
6603. Pair Of Spanish Revival Lamps
6604. Polychrome Table Lamp

Custom Lighting

1489. Cast Bronze Sconce
Arroyo Double Sconce
Capistrano Exterior Wall Sconce
Coronado Wall Mounted Exterior Sconce
Linda Vista Double Sconce
Mariposa Double Sconce
Montecito Double Sconce
Neff Single Sconce
Single Monterey Sconce
Smith Hand-Wrought Iron Double Sconce
Williams Single Sconce

Antique Architectural


Decorative Iron

1120. Long Narrow Iron Grill c. 1920's
1204. Arch Iron Grill
1429. Iron Balcony
1684. Long Wrought Iron Rail
179. 1920's Wrought Iron Panel
184. Wrought Iron Grill, circa 1920's
2944. Ornate Cast Iron Grill
311. Iron Grill c. 1920s
3119. 1920's Wrought Iron Grill
312. Iron Grill c. 1920s
4838. Decorative Iron Grill
4915. 1 Of 2 Wrought Iron Elements
5610. 1 Of 2 Wrought Iron Arch
5957. Small Iron Window Grill
6319. Wrought Iron Architectural Element
6619. Long Railing From Wallace Neff Home
6620. Pair Of Wallace Neff Grills
6621. Impressive Iron Architectural Element
799. Hand Wrought Iron Piece
830. 1920's Wrought Iron Fence


186. Pair of Spanish Doors from Barcelona.
187. Green Door from Barcelona Spain
3350. Pair Diamond-Paned Stained Glass Doors w/ Musical Motif
3351. Pair Diamond-Paned Stained Glass Doors w/ Musical Motif
3814. Pair Of Rustic Spanish Doors
4318. 1920's 8-Panel Interior Door A.
4319. 8-Panel Door 1920's B.
4320. Interior 8-Panel Door C.
4321. 8-Panel Interior Door D.
4322. 8-Panel Interior Door E.
4323. 8-Panel Interior Door F.
4324. 8-Panel Interior Door G.H.
4325. 8-Panel Interior Door I.
4326 8-Panel Interior Door J.
4327. 8-Panel Interior Door K.
4328. 8-Panel Interior Door O.
4329. 1920s 8-Panel Interior Door P.
4330. 1920's Exterior 4 Panel Glass Double Doors
4331. 1920's Exterior 5 Panel Glass Double Doors
4480. Interior 4 Panel Double Doors - D7
4489. Interior Single Panel Door - A1
4490. Interior Double Panel Door #10
4492. Interior Single Panel Door - L
4562. Pair 1920's Exterior 3 Panel Glass Double Doors
4638. 1920's Interior Swinging Doors A-1
4639. 1920's Interior Doors A-2
4641. 1920's Interior Door A-4
4642. 1920's Exterior 12 Glass Panel French Doors
5139. Interior Door 1920's
5140. Interior door with Mirror panel
5141. 1920's Swinging Door
5246. Spanish Revival Front Door With Galleon Grill
6543. 1920s Single Interior Panel Door
6544. 1920s Interior 8 Panel Door H
6545. 1920s Interior 8 Panel Door N
6547. 1920s Interior/Exterior Dutch Door
6548. 1920's 1 OF 2 Interior 8 Panel Door
6548. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door AA
6549. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door BB
6551. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door CC
6552. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door DD
6553. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door FF
6554. 1920s Single Panel Interior Door GG


2656. 1920's Wrought Iron Gate
4801. Pair Of 1920's Wrought Iron Garden Gate
4986. Single Wrought Iron Garden Gate
6181. Low Cast Iron Garden Gates
6182. Early 20th C. Low Cast Iron Garden Gates
6227. 1920's Wrought Iron Gate
6616. Wrought Iron Gate


1123. Wood Column Pedestals
4403. Pair Curtain Rod Finials
4404. Pair Of Hammered Curtain Rod Finials
4405. Curtain Rod Finials Curled Iron
4406. 1920's Cast Iron Finials
4444. Cement And Claycraft Fireplace Surround
4493. Bakelite Door Knob Set A
4494. Bakelite Door Knob Set B
4495. Bakelite Door Knob Set C
4496. Bakelite Door Knob Set D
4513. Bakelite Door Knob Set E
4515 Bakelite Door Knob Set F
4516. Bakelite Door Knob Set G
4517. Bakelite Door Knob Set H
4518. Bakelite Door Knob Set I
5680. 1 Curtain Rod Finials
5681. 1 Of 2 pairs 1920's Large-scale Curtain Rod Finials
5683. 1 Of 35 Curtain/Drapery Rings
5684. Pair Large Scrolled Curtain Rod Finials
5688. 1 Of 7 Pair of Curtain Rod Finials With Fleur De Lys Motif
5689. 1 OF 5 Pair of Brown Curtain Rod Finials
5690. 1 OF 7 Pair of Black Arrow Head Curtain Rod Finials
5691. 1 OF 2 Pair of Curly Curtain Rod Finials
5706. 1OF 2 Pair of Arrow Head Curtain Rod Finials
5707. Pointed Curtain Rod Finials
5709. Pair of Arrow Head Curtain Rod Finials
5739. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5741. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5744. 1 OF 6 Pair of Leaf Curtain Rod Holder
5746. Pair of Single leaf Curtain Rod Holders
5748. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5750. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5751. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5753. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5756. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5779. Pair of Curtain Rod Finials
5810. 1 Of 2 Pair of Red Curtain Rod Finials
5811. Pair of Black Curtain Ron Finial
5812. 1 Of 4 Pair of red Curtain Rod Holder
5813. Pair of Curtain Rod Holder
5867. Pair of Acanthus Leaf Tie Backs, c. 1920's

Stained Glass

1444. Large, Nearly-Square 1920s Stained Glass Window
4863. Pair OF Prairie/ Arts And Crafts Leaded Window With Two Panels
5052. Large Pair Of Arts And Crafts Stained Glass Doors
5872. 1 Of 4 Stained Glass Arch Window
5914. 1 of 2 Leaded Slag Glass Panels


1102. 24 Malibu Tiles.
1103. 7 Malibu Tiles
1104. 13 Malibu Tiles
1105. 27 Malibu Tiles
1106. 19 Batchelder Tiles
1108. Set Of 4 Tudor Pottery California Tiles
1110. 33 /Black Malibu Pillow Tiles /4" x 2"
1111. 60 Brown Malibu Pillow Tiles 4" x 4"
1112. 5 x Malibu Pillow Tiles 4" x 4"
1113. 55 Green Malibu Pillow Tiles/4" x 4"
1114. 23 Malibu Pillow Tiles/4" x 4"
1142. 4 Taylor California Tiles
1145. 2 Malibu Tiles
1147. Set Of 4 Taylor Tiles
1346. Claycraft Fireplace Tile Surround (1414)
2052. Set Of Seven 19th Century Tiles With Card Motif
2076. Nine Separate Claycraft Tiles
2077. One of Two Glazed Terra Cota Tiles By Claycraft
2078. One of two Glazed Terra Cota Tiles By Claycraft
2836. Rare Tile Ledge
2837. Rare Tile Ledge
3163. Lovely Gladding Field Cream Yellow Tiles
3508. Set Of Six D&M Tiles
3515. Whimsical Tile Mural
3682. Mexican Tile Mural, Cerart Davalos
4471. 1 Of 39 American Encaustic Tiles Border Tile
5825. Grouping Of Border Tudor Tiles
6063. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6065. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6069. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6071. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6072. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6073. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile
6627. Set of 6 Hispano Moresque Tile
6628. California Tile
848. Three Wonderful Large Decorative Tiles
975. Terra Cotta Tile
976. Terra Cotta tile
977. Terra Cotta tile
978. Terra Cotta Tile
979. Terra Cotta Tile
980. Terra Cotta tile
SOLD 6070. Hand Painted Mexican 1930's Tile

Antique Arts and Crafts/Furniture/Lighting


Armoires and Cabinets

3321. Arts And Crafts Two Door Bookcase
6594. Arts And Crafts Sideboard

Bedroom Furnishings

1017. Art Nouveau Vanity and Chair
3097. Vanity With Mirror
5590. Art Nouveau Dresser With Mirror


718. Shaving/Free-Standing Mirror


1011. Arts And Crafts Chafing Dish
1015. Arts & Crafts Chandelier
1024. 1 of 2 Arts & Crafts Set of 3 Ceiling Pendant
1462. Turn of the Century Tiled Planter Box
1927. Arts & Crafts Oak Umbrella Stand
2138. Arts And Crafts Double Pendant (2137)
2160. Newcomb College Vase
3681. Slag Glass Dome-like Fixture
3966. Arts & Crafts Period Wall Mounted Exterior Lantern
4567. Arts & Crafts Umbrella Stand
5166.Large Exquisite Arts And Crafts Copper Pendant
5302. Arts And Crafts Vanity And Mirror
5930. Very Handsome Art Nouveau Chandelier
6186. Arts & Crafts Hanging Pendant Light
914. Arts & Crafts Japanese Brass Wall Pocket
915. Arts & Crafts Table Candle Holder
916. Arts & Crafts Mail Box
918. Handel Table Lamp w/Original Wicker Shade
920. Arts & Crafts Copper Sconce (919)
958. Large Arts & Crafts Pendant Lantern (957)


302. Arts & Crafts Chair w/Hammered Copper Back
305. Arts & Crafts Side Chair
3316. Carved Arts And Crafts Side Chair
6412. Set Of Four Arts And Crafts Dining Room Chairs
6593. Arts And Crafts Daybed

Tables and Desks

3110. Arts And Crafts Partners Desk
5310. Arts And Crafts Desk
5841. Oak Arts & Crafts Tabouret Table
5899. Arts And Crafts Trestle Table
5932. Turn Of The Century Table
6221. Stickley Brothers Game Table
6313. Round Arts & Crafts Pedestal Table
6472. Circa 1910 Oak Dining Room Table

Antique Artwork



2492. Watercolor Of The Santa Barbara Mission


2855. Orientalist Desert Scene of Men on Horseback
2187. Painting by Henri Quittelier

Antique Asian



1030. Chinese Dresser circa 1910
1651.Turn of the century Asian plant stand with marble
5479. Turn Of The Century Carved Chinese Table
6257. 4 Ft High Buddha From Thailand
6270. Very Large Chinese Ancestral Portrait
823. Japanese Woodblock Print (827)

Antique Fireside


Andirons, Etc.

1380. Over 4 FT Massive Wrought Iron Andirons
247. Pair of Large 1920's Wrought Iron Andirons
2561. Pair of Hammered Iron Andirons
3725. Pair of Hand-Wrought Iron Andirons
4479. Circa 1920's Wrought Iron Andirons
4566. Pair of Heavy Wrought Iron Andirons
4848. Pair Of Large Wrought Iron Andirons
4992. Small Wood Holder
5149. Pair Of Tall Andirons
5165. Spectacular Brass And Iron Andirons
5223. (5224) Copper-Clad Firewood Box w/ Repousse Galleon
5233. Handsome Wrought Iron Fender
6164. Pair Of Large Wrought Iron Andirons
6229. Pair Of Wrought Iron Andirons
6230. Spanish Revival Andirons
6231. Elegant And Simple Pair Of Andirons
6232. Imposing Pair Of Wrought Iron Andirons
6233. Tall Pair Of Wrought Iron Andirons
6280. Classic Pair Of Spanish Revival Andirons
6611. Pair Of Extremely Well Crafted Andirons
6612. Pair Of Spanish Revival Andirons

Fire Screens

1019. 1920's Summer Screen w/ Boating Scene
1647. Wrought Iron and Brass Fire Screen
4654. Elegant 1920's Wrought Iron Fire Screen
5169. Fire Screen With Bird Motif
5225. Copper Fire screen with Galleon
523. Arched 1920's Fire Screen
5635. c. 1920's Wrought Iron Fire Screen
6119. 1920's Wrought Iron Fire Screen
6220. Arched Fire Screen
6422. Brass Fire Screen
6424. Wrought Iron Spanish Revival Screen
6575. 1920's Wrought Iron Fire Screen
798. 1920s Mica Fire Screen
994. Free Standing Fireplace Screen

Fire Tool Sets

2415. Brass Fire Tool Set
5869. Hand Forged Iron Fire Tool Set
6137. Small Scale Bradley And Hubbard Fire Tool Set
6576. 1920's Fire Tool Set

Mantels and Surrounds

1414. Claycraft Tiled Fireplace Surround (1346)
4508. Cement And Claycraft Fireplace Surround
4913. Exquisite Early 20th Century Brass Fender
6447. Beautiful Turn Of The Century Fender

Antique French and Italian Interior


Italian Interior

1032.Pair of Bronze Sconces with Angel Motif 16" W x 19.75" H
1810. Pair of Tall Electrified French Candlesticks
1901. 19th Century French Boule Bed
1907. Rococo Bombe Chest
2684. Pair Of Lyre Candleholders
2771. Small French Display Cabinet, c. 1880
3272. Pair of Carved Gilt Italian Wall Shelves
4712. Tall Wood Italian Column
4759. Ornate Cast Iron Italianate Lantern (4732)
5416. Gilt Carved French Table
Turn of the Century Religious Devotional Painting

Antique Monterey, Rancho and California Furniture/Lighting


Bedroom Furnishings

3930. Monterey Vanity Bench
3949. Karpen De Anza Hotel Twin Bed
4012. Signed Monterey Highboy
4572. Signed Monterey Dresser
6035. 1 Of 2 Monterey Period Twin Bed
6040. Monterey Gentleman's Dresser
6059. Double/Full Monterey Period Bed With Bell
6322. Rustic Rancho Dresser In the Manner Of Molesworth
6376. 1930s Signed Monterey Period Double Bed
6377. Signed Monterey Dresser By Barker Brothers
6378. Signed Monterey Dresser By Barker Brothers
6403. Monterey Period Side Table
6457. Monterey Twin Key Hole Bed
6535. Monterey Old World Finish Highboy Dresser
6536. Monterey Old World Finish Dresser
6538. Monterey Hand Painted Double Bed
HOLD SJ 6347. Double Bed By Monterey Manufactured By Barker Bros Cie


3455. Monterey Mirror With Iron Strapping
3936. Monterey Table-Top Mirror
5298. Simple Monterey Mirror
5363. Double Monterey Style Mirror
6345. Monterey Mirror
6357. Monterey Period Mirror
6379. Monterey Mirror
6382. Monterey Period Mirror*
6404. Monterey Period Mirror
6537. Hand Painted Dark Wood Finish Mirror


0388. Iron Cut-out Silhouette
0602. Mexican Wall Cabinet
0720. Embroidered Piece
3184. Nicely Painted Monterey Mirror
5989. Monterey Table Lamp
6302. Hand Painted Plaque Of Senorita
6312. Monterey Period Floor Lamp & Table
6492. Large Monterey Cupboard
6569. Sleeping Mexican Figurine


3580. Monterey Style Chair
3720. Old Hickory Side Chair
5364. Monterey Style Side Chair
5708. Imperial Wing Back Chair And Ottoman
5783. Monterey Style Chair
6260. Monterey Period Side Chair
6372. 1930s Monterey Period Arm Chair
6373. 1930s Monterey Period Rocker Chair
6374. Signed Coronado 1930s Monterey Period Arm Chair
6395. Pair Of Imperial Side Chairs
6398. Adorable Monterey Period Side Chair
6410. Monterey Period Set Of Four Chairs
6578. A Frame Monterey Chair

Side Pieces

3677. Custom Corner Cabinet Attributed to Imperial
6208. Monterey Period Side Table/ Night Stand
6316. Classic Monterey Period Del Rey Cabinet
6590. Monterey Period Sideboard With Retractable Leaves

Tables and Desks

4013. Monterey Desk
4377. Large Monterey Dining Room Table
4543. Green Monterey Dining Table w/Leaves
4651. Monterey-style Four-drawer Desk
5350. Hand Painted Coronado Hand Painted Desk*
6310. Signed Monterey 7-Drawer Desk w/Handpainted Flowers
6348. Monterey Desk With One Drawer
6370. Signed Monterey Dining Room Table
6375. Signed Coronado 1930s Monterey Period Table
6381. Signed Monterey Desk

Tiled Tables

0172. 1920s Octagonal Tile Top Table
1737. Model T Tile Table Featuring Malibu Tile
2914. D&M Tiled Table
2916. 1920's Tile Table with Tudor Tiles
3531. D & M Tiled Table
4255. Taylor Tiled Table
5821. Taylor Tiled Table w/ Santa Barbara Mission Scene
5968. Nice California Tile Table With Nice Decorative Base
5970. D & M Tiled Table
5980. Tudor Four Tile Table
5981 . California Tile Table With Iron Base
6224. California Tile Table
6226. Octagonal Catalina Tile Side Table
6383. D&M 1930's Drink Stand
6396. 1920's Tile Table
6409. Early California Tile Table With Iron Base
SOLD - 4539. Tiled Side Table c. '20's/'30's

Antique Outdoor


Outdoor Furniture

3674. Wrought Iron Side Table w/ Tiled Top
4300. High Iron Table
824. Modernist Iron Chair

Pots and Planters

1087. Pair Planters w/ Floral Swag Detail/19"D x 18"1/4H x 10" base.
1088. 1920's Cement Planter/ 20
1132. 1920's Garden City Pot/10.5"D x 9.5"H
1133.1920's Garden City Pot
1136. 1920's Garden City Pot/ 10.5"H x 10"W.
1137. 1920's Garden City Pot
1141. Cement Urn
1427. Tiled Planters
3420. Gladding, McBean Planter w/ Saucer
353. 1920's Cast Iron Planter
358. Faux Bois Planter
362. Cement Planter with Inset Tiles
363. Multi-color California Pot
5578. Pair of Concrete Trough Planters w/Grape Bunches
5794. Imposing Italian Terra Cota Planter
6294. 1920's Iron Pot Holder With California Pots
6428. Large Scale Gladding Planter
6480. Gladding McBean Pedestal Planter
768. Ornate Cement Planters

Book Store



1284. American Gardens, 1890-1930 by Sam Watters
1290. Wallace Neff: The Romance of Regional Architecture
1292. Architectural Details: Spain and the Mediterranean
1297. Old World Inspiration for American Architecture
1299. Sylvanus Marton Pasadena's Quintessential Architect
1300. The Ferro-Concrete Style
1301. California Romantica
1302. Red Tile Style: America's Spanish Revival Architeture
1305. Courtyards Intimate Outdoor Space
1306. Irving J. Gill Architect 1870-1936
1307. California Mediterranean by Marc Appleton
1308. California Colonial: The Spanish and Rancho Revival Styles
1309. House of Los Angeles 1920-1935
4528. The California Casa by Douglas Woods
Houses of Los Angeles: 1850-1919 by Sam Watters

Custom Interior



2567. California Tile Mural w/Parrots
2575. Dancing Senorita Tile Mural

Custom Lighting


Exterior Fixtures

Capistrano Exterior Wall Sconce
Coronado Exterior Wall Sconce


Arroyo Double Sconce
Clover Double Sconce
Double Monterey Sconce
Linda Vista Double Sconce
Mariposa Double Sconce
Montecito Double Sconce
Neff Single Sconce
Smith Hand-Wrought Iron Double Sconce
Williams Single Sconce

Custom Outdoor



Capistrano Exterior Lantern



American Indian and Tribal Artifacts

2. Yoruba- Ibeji Figure
2538. Pima American Indian Basket
3945. Navajo Runner
3978. American Indian Rug
3979. American Indian Rug
4. New Guinea Horn/ Asmat?
4055. Navajo Rug
5. Lombok/Indonesia/ Gold Scale
5439. Totem Pole
5823. Orotone Print "Gates Of Yosemite" Pillsbury
6. New Guinea Charm
7. Dan Mask (Kayle)

Antique Artwork

1267. Turn Of The Century Portrait/ Oil On Canvas
1599. Moorish Oil Painting
2028. Portrait Of Man With Mustache
2228. Farming Painting, C. Magill
2240. 1920s Japanese Landscape with House
2242. 19th Century European Landscape
2387. R.C. Child Pastel Landscape, 1904
2751. Early California Mission San Juan Capistrano Pencil Drawing
3249. California Landscape Painting, c. 1920's
3458. Adorable Burro Watercolor
3459. Pasadena Colorado Bridge Watercolor
3489. Herbert Sartelle California Landscape Painting
3491. Herbert Sartelle, California Landscape Painting
3492. Herbert Sartelle, California Landscape Painting
3513. Lovely California Plein Air Landscape by Grace M. A. Griffith
3533. Plein Air Painting, Unsigned.
364. Girl with Oar - I.A. Grosz
3644. Hand Tinted Mission Photograph
3645. Signed Twyman Tinted Photograph,
365. Landscape - Al Dahlgreen
3655. Early 20th Century Mission Portico Watercolor Painting
3657. Paul Grimm,
3659. 19th Century Watercolor, Men in Canoe
370. Countryside Landscape
371. Desert Painting
373. Woman in Red Dress with Child
377. Desert Adobe Painting - Berla I. Emeree
3779. Beautiful 1920's-'30's Snowscape Painting
380. Seascape - Jon Blanchette
3803. Hand-Tinted Photograph of Adobe Wall
3908. European Landscape Painting
3909. European Landscape Painting
3990. Primitive European Painting by N Berhout
4248. Mexican Market Scene, Ramon Price Watercolor
4560. 1920's Tinted Photograph Of Ship In Original Redwood Frame
4605. Walter Ernest Tittle Painting, Westpoint Academy
4754. Etching By Bertha E Jacques*
4906. Walter Ernest Tittle Painting, I love thy rocks and rills
4949. Mezzotint Under Glass Of Admiral Nelson
5247. Hand Drawn Mechanical Rendering 1876
5300. Large Landscape In Original Gilt Frame
5395. Beautiful Portrait Of Reclining Beauty
5483. Lovely Still Life With Fruits
6031. Turn Of The Century Oil Painting Of The Virgin
6083. 1930's Orientalist Painting
6084. European Port Scene
6282. Oil Painting Of Yosemite
6283. 19th Century Oil Of Yosemite
6432. 19th Century Painting By J.J. Spring
6435. 19th Century Landscape by JJ Spring
6436. Raymond Nott Pastel Of Ocean
6437. Raymond Nott Pastel
6438. Early American Landscape
6439. Early Mountain Landscape
6440. 19th Century Oil on Canvas
6541. Colorful Still Life By Meerman

Hillside Pottery

1002. Hillside Multi Handled Vessel
2616. Architectural Hillside with Handles
2618. Hillside Hanger On Stand
2624. Pair of Handled and Tiled Hillsides
2629. Tall Flame Motif Hillside
2842. Hillside Hanger on Stand
2847. Wide Mouth Snake Skin Pattern
2849. Tall Four Handled Hillside
2874. Rare Hillside Birdbath
4306. Simple Ribbed Signed Hillside
4307. Hanging Hillside With Band Of Blue Tiles
6350. Small Hillside With One Handle


1048. Paisley Textile
1049. Paisley Textile
1051. Paisley Textile
1052. Paisley Textile
1053. Textile
1054. Textile
1055. Textile
1056. Textile
1734. Jesus at the Whipping Post, Santos
2139. Pair of French Carousel Panels
2140. Pair of French Carousel Panels
2141. Pair of French Carousel Panels
2384. Mexican Hammered Tin Nicho
2385. 19th Century Mexican Retablo in Tin Frame
3425. California Tile Trivet

Paintings by Naomi Taylor Evans

556. Plein Air Painting
559. Plein Air Painting
561. Desert Landscape
563. Desert Landscape
564. Plein Air Painting
565. Desert Landscape
566. Desert Landscape
567. Plein Air Painting
580. Landscape Painting
582. Desert Landscape
583. Landscape
584. Landscape
585. Desert Landscape


2097. Catalina Island Pottery Coffee Mug/ White Clay
2101. Catalina Island Pottery Gourd Shakers/ White Clay
2102. Catalina Island Pottery Tulip Shakers/ White Clay
2105. Catlalina Island Pottery Mini Creamer/ White Clay
2117. Catalina Island Pottery tumbler/ white clay
2119. Catalina Island Pottery Cup/ White Clay
2120. Catalina Island Pottery Cup/ Red Clay
2143. Catalina Island Pottery Rolled Edge Plate/ White Clay
2144.. Catalina Island Pottery Plate/ White Clay
2145. Catalina Island Pottery Plate/ White Clay
2147. Catalina Island Pottery Plate/ White Clay
2158. Catalina Island Pottery Plate/Red Clay
2159. Catalina Island Pottery Plate/White Clay
2565. Matte Green Zanesville Pottery Bowl
3435. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3462. Matte Green Zanesville Pottery Bowl
3463. Arts & Crafts Period Matte Green Bowl, Zanesville Pottery
3465. Large Zaneville Pottery Iris Vase, Matte Green
3466. Weller Pottery Footed Vase
3534. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3536. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3537. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3538. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3539. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Plate
3541. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Cup and Saucer
3542. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Cup and Saucer
3542. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Cup and Saucer
3543. Brayton Laguna Handmade Pottery Cup and Saucer
4170. Very Impressive Italian Terra Cota Oil Jar
423. Roseville Matte Green Jardeniere c. 1910
4311. Tall Matte Green Hour Glass Shade Vase
436. Cambridge Incised Matte Green Vase, c. 1910
437. Matte Green Hampshire Vase
4391. Set of Six Catalina Pottery Custard Cups
4946. Rare Catalina Platter with Swordfish Relief
6421. Tonala Oil Jar
6426. Bauer Indian Pot
6427. N. Clark And Sons Oil Jar




1018. Art Nouveau Vanity and Chair
3357. Panetiere Cabinet
3765. Large Vintage Hollywood Spotlight
4692. 1930's Inlaid Coffee Table w/Prowling Lion
4980. Iron and Chrome Bar Stools
5009. 1920's Dress Form
5110. 19th Century Wooden Bookbinding Press
5482. Original 1930's Bench From The Pantages Theater
5508. Wonderful Folk Art Tin Cabinet
5643. Long Deco Style Planter
5762. Long Industrial Table With Adjustable Legs
5763. Industrial Metal Bookcase
5877. Blank Teaching Globe
6087. 1800s American Hitchcock Chair
6630. Metal Table W/ Marble Top
687. Modern Iron Chair
710. Fox Weather Vane
713. Orotone of Proud Hunter

Spanish Revival, Mediterranean and European Antiques


Armoires and Cabinets

1622. Dark Ebony Color Cabinet
3843. Aesthetic Movement Cabinet
5211. Tall Bookcase Circa 1910
5251. Carved Walnut Cabinet
5257. Turn Of the Century Spanish Vargueno
5478. 19th Century Open Cupboard
5913. Large Breakfront Server c. 1920's
6205. Spanish Revival Walnut Cabinet
6236. Spanish Revival Dresser/Desk
6240. Tall Turn Of The Century Walnut Cabinet
6251. Spanish Revival Cabinet With Iron Trestle
6595. Spanish Revival Desk
6606. Versatile Spanish Revival Cabinet
6607. 1920's Walnut Polychrome Writing Desk
6614. Large 1920's Spanish Revival Sideboard

Bedroom Furnishings

3748. Spanish Revival Dresser and Mirror
6034. Quaint Monterey Period Dresser
6598. 1930's Dresser With Striking Hardware


5895. 1920's Carved Mirror
1686. Silver Gilt Mirror
2352. Gilt Iron Seashell Mirror
3155. Ornate Mirror with Gilded Details
3285. Pair Gilded Mirrors
3330. Very Large Gilded Mirror
334. Oval Mirror, c. 1920's
335. Rectangular Mirror, circa 1920's
336. Ornate Gilded Mirror
338. Arched Mirror
339. Antique Gilt-finished Beveled Mirror
341. Small Round Mirror
4431. Large Carved Mirror
5477. Neoclassical Style Mirror
5565. Etched Glass Mirror
5568. Incredible Large-scale Gilt-framed Mirror
6008. Carved Wood Mirror
6098. Oscar Bach Mirror
6450. Tall 1920's Carved Mirror
6516. Large 1910 Carved Mirror
6567. Spanish Revival Small Wall Mirror With Shelf
6585. Carved Wood Mirror
6592. Spanish Revival Mirror
SOLD 6053. Spanish Revival Mirror


1343. Heavily Carved Brazier, c. 1800s
3294. Pair Of 1920's Wrought Iron Candlesticks
5449. Turn Of The Century Tapestry
1116. Carved Spanish Revival Candlestick
1947. Early 18th Century Religious Painting
2018. Spanish Revival California Trunk
2113. Brass and Silver Crucifix
3219. Pair of 1920's Whimsical Candle Holders
3221. Set Of 12 Spanish Revival Plates
3767. Cute Monterey Style poster
4094. Painted Mural On Canvas Of Mission Courtyard
4872. Three Panels Painted Screen
5041. Austrian Bronze Candle Sticks
5224. (5223) Copper-clad Trunk w/ Galleon Motif
5448. Large Embroidered Tapestry
5498. 19th Century Oak Coffer Trunk
5499. 19th Century Carved Coffer Trunk
5556. Elegant Polychromed Plant Stand w/ Copper Bowl
5815. Spanish Revival Hook Rug
5908. Old Wood Trunk With Metal
5909. Very Old Wooden Trunk
6005. 1920's Summer Screen
6117. 18th Century Blanket Chest
6184. Tiny 1920's Footstool w/Fine Ironwork
6187. 1920's Spanish Revival Iron Plant Stand
6192. 1920's Unique Marble Console And Mirror
625. Iron Candlestick
6256. Beautifully Rendered Italian Plaque Of Jesus
6387. Exceptional Pair Of Iron Torchieres
6400. Adorable Donkey Plant Holder
642. Mexican Tin Ornament
643. Summer Fireplace Screen
644. Adjustable Iron Candlelabra
6468. Metal Octagonal Table With Leather Top
649. Lamosa Tile Plaque
6557. Turn Of The Century Trunk With Bird Motif Inlay
657. Pair 1920's Polychromed Bookends
6610. Unusual 1920's Spanish Revival Trunk
6617. D&M Spanish Galleon Tin-Glazed Tile
6618. D&M Framed Bird Tile
6624. Spanish Revival Bell With Fish
669. Pair of Candelabra
670. Brass Candelabrum


1543. Pair of Carved Walnut 1880's Chairs
2778. Large Renaissance Revival Chair
3415. Original Armchair c. Early 19th century
3954. Large Scale Spanish Revival Throne Chair, C. 1920's
3989. Spanish Colonial Chair
4137. Mohair And Carved Walnut Chair
4613. Hand-painted Turn of the Century Armchair
4862. 19th Century Armchair
5014. 1 of 2 Leather Armchairs c. '20's - '30's
5084. Set of Six 1920's Dining Chairs
5637. Set of 4 Spanish Revival Leather Chairs
5767. Set of 6 Chairs with Rush Seats
6108. Pair Of Curule Chairs
6109. Wrought Iron Bench
6165. 1920's Armchair
6221. Single Curule Chair
6281. Tall Leather Side Chair
6358. Set Of 8 Carved Chairs With New Leather
6408. Spanish Revival Armchair
6413. Pair Of Fine Spanish Carved Chairs
6417. Set Of 6 Spanish Revival Chairs
6469. 19th Century Pair Of Chairs
6484. 19th Century Side Chair
6487. Elegant Spanish Revival Sofa
6491. Spanish Revival Carved Armchair
6505. Set Of Six Signed Marshall Laird Chairs
6508. 1 Of 2 Settee Originally From The Mission Inn In Riverside
6509. Set Of Eight Carved Chairs
6513. Spanish Revival Couch
6514. Spanish Revival Armchair
6529. 19th Century Armchair With Vintage Upholstery
6539. Handsome 1920's Armchair With Velvet Upholstery
6555. Set Of Six Spanish Revival Side Chairs
6556. Carved Arm Chair With Velvet Upholstery
6558. Pair Of 19th Century Side Chairs
6562. Set Of 6 Spanish Revival Chairs
6563. Set Of 4 Wrought Iron Chairs
6572. Rustic Spanish Chair
6579. Spanish Revival Velvet Armchair
6596. Spanish Revival Bench With Storage
6599. Spanish Revival Tall Settee
6608. Spanish Revival Chair With Cut Velvet
6609. Classic Pair Of Spanish Revival Armchairs
6615. Outstanding Carved Spanish Revival Chair
6622. Spanish Revival Bench

Side Pieces

3003. Spanish Revival Sideboard
3589. Hexagonal Walnut Side table
4110. Elegant Iron and Marble Console
4533. Beautiful Walnut Lamp Table c. 1920's
5259. Pair 1920's Marble-topped Side Tables
5782. Carved Walnut Sideboard
6158. 1920's Sideboard
6521. Very Long Spanish Revival Sideboard
6530. 1920's Spanish Revival Carved Side Board
6540. Tall Marble Stand With Two Shelves

Tables and Desks

1092. Rustic Oak Desk
2408. Wrought Iron Console With Marble
2981. Inlaid Syrian Side Table
3986. Signed George Hunt Walnut Side Table
4473. Monterey Painted Side Table
4819. 1920's Octagonal Table w/Carved Legs
4883. Great American Console and Mirror
5066. Wrought Iron Side Table w/Wooden Top
5421. Spanish Revial Marble Top Side Table*
5433. Marhall Laird Side Table With Marble
5436. 1920's Demi Lune Table With Marble
5558. Dramatic Marble Drink Stand
5603. 1930's Side Table With California Tile
5874. 1920's Dining Table with Retractable Leaves
5994. Small Demi Lune Table
6036. Spanish Revival Table With Iron Trestle
6050. Carved Side Table With Marble
6188. 1920's Oak Pyro Side Table
6235. Walnut 1920's Coffee Table
6249. Monterey Period Desk
6250. Spanish Revival Writing Desk
6254. Early California Breakfast Tile Table
6265. Industrial Coffee Table
6293. 1920's Coffee Table
6354. 1920's Small Walnut Side Table
6359. Hexagonal Walnut Table
6364. Dark Walnut Console Table
6385. Marble Top Iron Table
6388. Turn Of The Century Pastry Table
6410. Long Walnut Console
6458. Versatile Spanish Revival Console
6499. Wrought Iron Side Table
6502. Los Angeles Furniture 1920's Small Desk*
6503. Octagonal Spanish Revival Table
6504. Small Scale Walnut Console
6507. Marble Top Drink Stand*
6512. Spanish Revival Nightstand
6519. Small Scale Marble Side Table
6520. Spanish Revival Dining Table
6526. 19th Century Spanish Trestle Table
6532. Spanish Revival Marble Top Pedestal
6573. Spanish Revival Console Table
6582. Spanish Revival Demi Lune Table
6597. 1920's Pyrography Side Table
6605. 1920's Long Walnut Console Table
6629. Metal Table
863. Walnut Console Table
HOLD~CA 4/3/14 6415. 1920's Marble Top Table*